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    Rule and Regulations


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    Rule and Regulations

    Post by Shinra on Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:54 pm

    Forum Rules

    • No Harassment. We understand that there are times we make fun of each other, and there are times when someone loses their temper or gets out of hand. Nonetheless know your limits, harassment on a persons sexuality, race, religion and e.t.c is strictly forbidden.

    • Unknown Fantasy Online audience is generally focused on young adults, however, we do welcome people regardless of their age. We ask that all players participating in mature topics to tag their topics with the letter M for mature. As a warning for those who are uncomfortable with mature topics please stay away from topics that are labeled M.

    • Spamming or posting a topic repeatedly one after the other. It is not cool, just don't do it. Do not spam another players in box, if you need to contact them feel free to send a pm, but know your limits.

    • Unknown Fantasy Online does welcome advertisements, we ask of those who do advertise on our site to please post in the designated advertisement section. However advertising in the chat box is strictly prohibited. If you do advertise, please kindly advertise our site on the site you had just advertise. Sharing is caring, we'll share your site so please share ours.

    • Communication. Please communicate with one another, try and resolve your arguments before you contact the staff. If a player refuses to participate in a certain action in character, or refuses to participate in any mature related topics, please respect them. Respect each others decision, no means no. If a player is harassed please report to the staff. We promise that we will take the proper measures and try our best to keep this forum enjoyable to all.

    • Please give the staff here your utmost respect. The staff here promises to do our best to accommodate your role playing needs on this forum. In return we ask of you to please respect the staffs decision, the staff always has the last say. We understand not everyone will agree with the staffs decisions, even so we do try our best to keep this forum enjoyable all.

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