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    Character Application Template


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    Character Application Template

    Post by Shinra on Sat Mar 21, 2015 5:38 pm

    Name: (what is your characters name?)
    Epithet : (What is you characters super hero/villain name?)
    Gender: (What is your characters Gender?)
    Age: (What is your characters age?)
    Alignment: (What is your characters alignment? Are they Lawful Good? Chaotic Neutral? Neutral Evil? Just google up alignments and figure out which alignment best suits your character)
    Occupation: (Is your character a registered super hero? a normal civilian?a student? perhaps a villain? you may pick at maximum of three occupations. Just make sure that your occupations don't clash, you can't exactly be a teacher at the academy and a student at the same time. However there are exceptions, we don't want to restrict your creative freedom. Just be sure to connect your history to your occupation, maybe you can connect two conflicting occupations due to your history. )
    Special Characteristics: (Does your character have anything that stands out, tattoos, a scar, perhaps an odd looking mustache?)

    Character Background: (In one paragraph please briefly describe you characters life in Earth. What are they like? What is occupation? What is their personality?  In another paragraph please describe your characters life in wonderland. Describe how your character in Wonderland Compared to how they are in Earth. Both paragraphs should total up to 350 words minimum.)

    LikesDislikes: (What are your characters likes and Dislikes please describe their likes and dislikes in one sentence. Please list at least three likes and three dislikes.)

    Goals: (what are your characters goals? Do they want to be the next iconic hero? Perhaps the next dastardly villain? It's all up to you)

    Fears: (Please list at least 3 fears you character has. Please describe each fear with at least one sentence.)

    Motivations: (Please list at least 3 motivations. Please describe each motivation with at least one sentence.)

    Organization: (Is your character part of an organization? Please check the information section for all available organizations.)

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